Web Scraping Solutions

100% Managed Data Collection

DaaS.sh is a data as a service provider. We turn websites into structured data.

We write software which enables us to scrape websites to provide you with data in a structured format, which can be updated at an interval of your choice. We are a full service provider - we write the code which powers your scraper, deploy the servers required to gather your information, and supply you with raw data in a format of your choice. You don't need to touch a single line of code or manage a group of servers. Simply give us a website address, and we will provide you with the raw data - often a couple of days later for a surprisingly affordable price.

Data Provider

As a full service data provider we write the code which powers your data extraction service, deploy this application on our servers and scale to the size you need. The end product is raw data in a spreadsheet, json or another format of your choice.


Just tell us your requirements and leave the hard work to us. We do not provide 'out of the box' software - we write code to solve your scraping problem, no matter how small. Web scraping is a highly custom activity - it's needs are not met by one piece of software.

Clear Pricing

We will charge you a one off fee to develop your web scraping service - including enough proxies and compute power to get the initial job done. If updates are required we will charge you monthly. From as little as $50 per month. Find out more

We save businesses valuable money and resources by automating their data extraction requirements with our ethical and 100% managed web scraping service

With our team of specialists we are able to gather information from a variety of online sources and keep you up to date as often as required. We handle the entire process from writing code to data cleaning, validation and supply in a specific format.

This is time consuming, repetitive and can yield bad data. Our solution provides you with 100% managed data collection - no headaches, no hassles, just high quality data delivered on time and on demand.

Often this can lead to more manual work, is less efficient and cannot be customized to your requirements. At DaaS, you will do zero manual work and we can customize your scraper to fit whatever needs you have.

Our service provides fully automated CAPTCHA solving and IP rotations to collect data from even the most complex sites.

Our team of experts will help you, around the clock. Just open a support ticket and ask us anything you like. We are regularly re-formatting existing data or coming up with new data structures for our clients.

Have a seemingly impossible data collection problem?

You've come to the right place.

We can help you with any website scraping project*

*Only publicly available data

All information can be gathered as a 'once off project', or at an interval of your choice.

Real Estate Market Data

Collect information from real estate markets - including housing listings, agents, brokers, rental properties and anything else you can find on a real estate website.

Competitive Analysis

Use our data to alert you when your competitor changes their prices, to crawl their product ranges and research market and product statistics from real time information.

Travel, Airline and Hotel Data

Crawl travel, airline and hotel websites to find the best deals, monitor pricing and availability, and use this data to your competitive advantage.

Sales Lead Data

Using our targeted information gathering services you can gather fresh leads for marketing any business. Gather emails, phone numbers and other contact information.

Research Data

Gather information for your research project directly from publicly available web sources. Use this data in your study. Environmental data, third world development data, global trends and more.

Any Other Web Data

Contact us to discuss your requirements - so long as the website(s) you wish to crawl is publicly available we can usually process information to satisfy your requirements.

For more information please read our About or FAQ pages.


Smaller projects

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On Demand

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Our Customers

Our customers range from small start ups and SMB's to the massive enterprise and everything in between. We respect our customers privacy. They value it - hence we don't publish testimonials or business names. We respect your privacy.

Our Services

We provide structured web data for a range of unique services including business intelligence, research, academia, journalism, security research and more. Whatever your data requirement, we can nearly always help you with a solution.

Our Research

From time to time we undertake our own research from scraping website data. You can read all about it here. Applications have included CMS popularity research, website vulnerability research and alexa top 1 million scans. Read our blog for latest news.

What we do.

(and what we don't)

We provide clients with data in raw format, from publicly available website sources. This means we:

  • Write code which powers your web crawler.
  • Estimate time and compute complexities, deploy a group of servers for your project as required to solve these complexities.
  • Collect this data, format it, verify it and store it in a database.
  • Convert the data to a format of your choice - and share it with you via a secure download link.
  • Optionally develop an API or web application for you to access your data.

This basically means you give us a website, discuss the data you need and how often you need it updated, and we provide you with structured data after all the hard extraction process has been done. It really is that simple.

We only process publicly available information. The easiest way to confirm that the website you wish to crawl is public is to open in an incognito browser. If it is publicly available you will not see a login screen.

We don't crawl Facebook profiles or anything else behind a login form.

We don't provide or manage 'out of the box' software - a 'one size fits all' solution is not possible for web crawling projects and would only increase our complexity (and your cost).

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